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Thinking of selling your home condo townhouse
Get a free Home Evaluation on your property from a real estate profesional with over 25 years experience. Most of the home , condo, owners are into 1 of 3 categories when they are just thinking of selling their home condo or investment property. They are either a) Thinking of selling right now b) Thinking of selling in the near future or c) Thinking of selling  at their own pace themselves or For Sale by owner.
You probably are thinking of selling your home and you will need to sell it sooner rather than later in a predetermined time . Get a property valuation first before you are choosing your real estate agent.

Whether you have a new job in a different geographical area and you need to move at a certain time or a new baby coming and the house is going to be 2 small or getting married and need a bigger home for the two of you or you just got a new promotion on a different level and you would like a new home to reflect your position on that scale , or you are deciding to change the pleasure of maintaining a house with the free maintenance condo living and you will consider even a small condo townhouse

Regardless of the reasons  the reason, you need to sell your property  now with the best results.                            Victor Fischler Can Help You achieve this goal .

  • You want your home sold within a specific time frame so you can get on the next step on your schedule.
  • You will a professional real estate to help you find a good and serious qualified buyer for your home.
  • You need a professional real estate agent which will take care of all of the showings, inspections, lawyers and paper work. 
  • You definitely will want to know how to price your property competitively on the market. 
  • You want a real estate professional to negotiate and bring the best deal from the buyers on your behalf.
  • You Want The Best Results in The Lowest Time Frame.
  • To do All this you will need a

Proper pricing is the key to a quick and high value sell .There are factors which will have to be taken in consideration such as , the most important being most recent comparable sales in your neighborhood, building or area , what is now on the market and will be in competition with your property, and the condition of your home, condo townhouse or investment property which you want to sell.. All these factors can change rapidly within days and weeks or months, so a current market analysis on your property is crucial to pricing your home correctly. We always says if your Price it too low, you lose some of your hard earned money, if the price it too high you lose the best potential buyers. 

The most common mistake by almost 75 percent of sellers is over-pricing. Overpricing your property will definitely sit on the market longer, and one of the first questions a buyer usually will  asks is "" how long a property has been on the market ". I hope you remember yourself asking your agent the same question when you bought your property. The longer your property has been for sale, the more the buyers are inclined to believe something is "wrong" with it, and the lower they will offer. Not a Good Idea at all. 

 And Now You probably are thinking of selling your home in near Future ! 

I can hear this phrase almost all of the time. No we are not selling Now, We are thinking of selling, but we are waiting until the summer ( nice out everything is green !! ) , fall ( everybody is back from vacation, children went to school !! ). We are definitely going to sell our home, condo or townhouse , but not yet, we are waiting until the snow is gone, kids left the house ... You get the point. To all of these so called reasons for waiting I say, fine.

This gives me and my client ( you ) a lot more time to work on some of the problems which really and seriously will affect the sale of your condo townhouse house or investment. Will also give me time to know you better and you to have an opportunity to know me and sit down and have an open conversation and establish a relationship of trust and understanding. Without this elementary thing you will not be able to communicate and work with your agent.

This will give me a chance  to show you how I am different from other average agent which is looking just for a sale. I will show you my over 25 years of unblemished and professional full time real estate expertise and show you how you can benefit from my knowledge about real estate in Toronto and area. 

  • You will need a good professional to let you know how to fix up your home in order to be ready to sell it to the best price and a complete list of professional, contractors and handymen which will help you to do the repairs and arrange the house in a short time with no aggravation.
  • You will want to know how much money you will expect to make if you were to sale your home by getting the real home value of your home worth.
  • You will want a truthfully unbiased and honest answer as to whether or not it is better to sell , rent refinance or stay put. 
  • You will need help finding your next dream home condo townhouse and I will coordinate the timing of the sale of your home and the purchase of your new dream home.

If you are thinking of selling your home by going the For Sale by Owner  (also known as a FSBO, or "fizzbo"), Victor can help. .

Most owners will consider this route to sell their property for two main reasons. They do not want to pay the commission fees and they don't want to deal with an agent.  I can understand you wanting to save money, we all want to do that, including me . Nothing wrong with this. I also understand you not ready to deal with real estate agents. I have to deal with them every day, and believe me it is not an easy job.  But do these desires and the perceived benefits outweigh the potential ultimate headaches and results? For a select few, yes.  For the majority of home owners, NO.

Our experience and real estate surveys have shown that about 90% of those who start the process of selling their home thinking about FSBO end up dealing with an real estate agent.  

Think about some of these topics as you consider selling you most valuable asset.

  • How do you handle all of paperwork involved in the sale of my property or investment ?
  • How do you start and prepare, repair and arrange your home for sale?
  • How do you know to get the right price on your property ?
  • How are you going to have enough time to devote to all aspects of the sale?
  • How do you attract prospective buyers?
  • How do you screen the prospective buyers and keep the lookers out ?
  • How do you know the prospective buyers have financing arrange and is not wasting your time ? 
  • How do you sell your home within you defined time frame?
  • How do you plan on handling things if something, anything goes wrong?

And of course you always have to think why the buyer will try to buy a property not listed with an agent. All prospective Buyers know you are saving on an agent's commission and will always offer less for your property, trying to get most of this money for themselves and wiping out the perceive financial incentive to do it all yourself.

So, why not consider this situation.  How many agents can you think of that would actually consider offering to help you with the sale of you home when you are considering doing it yourself?  Very few I would imagine.  It takes an agent that is confident in their services, and more importantly the value of those services.  From Full service to Do-it-Yourself, I can add value and help you .

Call Victor now or e-mail him .

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